Poppy Delevigne


Lipstick was first worn by Mesopotamian women. They crushed jewels and decorated their lips with it. The first one to wear red lipstick was as far as one knows Cleopatra. Her lipstick was made of carmine beetles and they gave a very red, deep pigment. The red lipstick is widely used and much loved. It … Continue reading

Norway 22 july

Light against terror!

On the 22 of july Norway was harmed by the most horrible, hateful attacks in this peaceful country`s history. The terrorist killed 77 people, most of them still teenagers. A norwegian girl said to CNN “if one man can show so much hate, thaink about how much love we all┬ácan show to each other”. That … Continue reading


Richard Lionheart`s prison, Austria

Richard Lionheart was, in the famous story, imprisoned in this ruin which was once a castle. The ruin is to be found in Wachau, Austria. The shot portrays the view from one of the little “windows”, the visible stone being part of the castle ruin.