Emily Browning


I discovered Emily Browning ( an Australian actress born in 1988) through watching on of her films, Sleeping Beauty. It was a beautiful, but very disturbing film that was quite uncomfortable to watch. It gave me shivers several times, and Emily portrayed the main character wonderfully. She is an Australian actress born in 1988. And, isn’t she … Continue reading

Best dressed at the Oscars..

  Here it goes… Jessica Chastain: Lovely! the gold plays perfectly along with her hair, she is glowing! Milla Jovovich:  I have to have that lipstick!  She sparkles and sends out a classic, beautiful vibe, very very nice… Shailene Woodley: Beautiful siluette, and gorgeous styling.   Rooney Mara: She always manages to wow, doesn’t she? … Continue reading


15/2/2012 Outfit

The skirt is actually from a flee-marked, I “redesigned” it a bit though. I don’t have a clue where the other things are from, but I`m quite sure they are from the regular stores, like H&M etc. The necklace might be from a marked in Italy… I`m sorry about the low quality of the pictures!

daks fw 2011

DAKS FW 2011

As the winter is still upon us, I feel the need to enjoy the winter fashion as long as it can be worn. Tons of blogs only write about the spring fashion, although spring is still nowhere to be seen, at least not here in Norway. So, to inspire people to dress warmly and beautifully … Continue reading