daks fw 2011

DAKS FW 2011

As the winter is still upon us, I feel the need to enjoy the winter fashion as long as it can be worn. Tons of blogs only write about the spring fashion, although spring is still nowhere to be seen, at least not here in Norway. So, to inspire people to dress warmly and beautifully … Continue reading

moschino ss


Gold, gold, gold… Apparently, the designers want us to bathe in glitter when the springtime comes… Well, why not. If its done right, I suppose it can be beautiful. Just not overdo it like Moschino or Pucci! I have created a set which portrays my vision of an outfit including gold without being to flashy. … Continue reading

Versace hm1


 One sentence comes to my mind when looking at this collection: Is this supposed to be fashion? These garments are much more hideous then H&M`s usual clothing, but they`re still much more expensive. This collection is gaudy, it looks cheap, it is ridiculous! Question: Who will buy this? Answer: Kesha And that should not be … Continue reading