The “shoulder-length” dilemma…

I am one of those unfortunate girls who desperately try to let their hair grow long, but get stuck with the shoulder length hair… The length that is widely hated, not because it looks awful, mind you, I can look fabulous on many girls! But, the dilemma with this length is that it can’t really be put up in a pony tail without it looking like more like a mouse tail, and it isn’t easy to create that texture, that volume that makes the hair look beautiful just dangling straight down… As you might have guessed, I am not happy with my hair-situation. No matter how long I wait it doesn’t grow longer than  down to the shoulders, and it decides against me and stays that way just to torment me…Then, after a while, I give up and cut it shorter, and so I have to go through that faze again and again….

But not this time honey, it ain´t happening!

This hair-trend is gonna be my savior!

I don’t have to worry about my hair not being all shiny, it is ok to ruffle the hair up and make it all messy, It actually looks natural and romantic! And also, I have discovered my love for hair-pins, Its so easy to put the hair up in an arbitrary way and just pin it up!

Love, love, love…

Dhini ss 2011

Valentino ss 2012

Alexis Mabille ss 2012

Dsquared ss 2008


3 responses

  1. I have shoulder length hair and loving these styles. I’ve been putting my hair in a messy up do for the last few days anyway as it’s so easy, so I’m glad it’s also on trend!

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