Best dressed at the Grammy Awards 2012…

A typical girl loves to make lists…

I am one of those….

So, naturally, when the Grammy Awards come around, I have to make a list over the best dressed (in my opinion) celebrities attending the event…

My clothing taste is a bit special… So please, feel very free to disagree with me and tell me your opinions!!

Miss Adele, you are so breathtakingly beautiful! Absolutely ravishing…

Skylar Grey, very interesting! Very unique, but it works! Theres something about the color combination that just catches the eye, well, my eyes at least!

I cannot really figure out why I love Esperanza`s “outfit” so much… Maybe it reminds me of my days in the Waldorf school since it is so colorful and layer-y…? I don’t know, I just love the freshness of it!

Who knew blue hair and blue gown was combinable? Apparently Katy Perry did…

Strong silhouette, bold hairstyle, beautiful necklace… Perfect!

Well, thats it for now,

au revoir!


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