Lets face it, girls like lists… If you’re anything like me, you go wild with happiness inside when making or reading a list that has anything to do with celebrities…

So, as the end of the year approaches, Ive decided to, guess what… Make a list! And not just any list, a Style Icon of the Year list! Now that the excitement of the brilliant idea has calmed down a little bit, the exhaustion of actually finding celebrities and finding pictures of each one of them comes upon me…

But, well, here is my final result, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • 10: Christina Hendricks
  • She is a true role model. Her confidence is inspiring, and combined with the ability to dress in a way that compliments her beautiful body it makes her an essential participant in my top 10 list. It is nice to see that a woman can show such confidence in a more classy way than Mariah Carey does!

  • 9: Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway played in an incredible film titled “One Day” this year. In the film, she actually manages to look like rather an outsider (kind of geekish…) which must mean that the movie`s stylist did an outstanding job! Because Anne Hathaway is not an outsider, she is a elegant, graceful young woman who dresses wonderfully!
  • 8: Janelle MonaeNow, Janelle Monae is probably the coolest, most talented, most inspiring singer alive.  Her performances are mind-blowing, her attitude is incredible and her total image is just…. Just hypnotizing! Actually, I can’t believe I`m putting her as number 8 on this list… But I do this because although her style is amazing, it is not very varied.
  • 7: Emma WatsonEmma, Emma, Emma… Look at her! This red carpet attire is pure perfection, nothing less. She is a wonderful dresser, no doubt about that! I just wish she would do some more original, creative, esthetic movies, so that she becomes a little more interesting. Although, please don’t think that I’m criticizing Harry Potter!
  • 6: Florence WelchHave you hear Florence and The Machine`s latest album? If not, you have to! It is indescribably, hauntingly beautiful! And its not just the album that is incredible, miss Florence Welch is one of the most stylish, original celebrities alive. There is no outfit that isn’t interesting! No outfit that is ugly. She knows how to dress!
  • 5: AdeleI doubt there is any woman that doesn’t like Adele! What is there not to love? What is there not to admire? Adele is the perfect role model, she is the perfect star! And it is almost a fact that she has deserved every bit of her success! Adele, I love you!
  • 4: Charlotte GainsbourgThe face of Balenciaga`s perfume, the leading lady of “Anrichrist” and “Melancholia”, the doughtier of Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg is an incredible actress, an unbelievably good actress, and, without doubt, a style icon! “Melancholia” has to be the best film made this year aside from “The Kings Speech”. That is due to many factors, but a very important factor is Charlotte Gainsbourg, and of course Kirsten Dunst…
  • 3: Kirsten DunstAs mentioned above, Kirsten Dunst is one of the actresses in “Melancholia”, and I have never thought of her as so interesting, so hypnotizing as after watching the film. Beautiful, without a doubt, but also so much more than that! Her red carpet “outfits” are divine and elegant, and there is never anything missing from her attire. The lipstick is there, the shoes are there, and the romantic hairdo is there! Gotta love it!
  • 2: Dita von TeeseI just love Dita`s attitude and creativity. Lets face it, one never sees Dita von Teese dressed badly. Her Snow-white look works. It works very, very well actually. Wasp waisted, porcelain colored, red-lipped (or in this case pink…)… I love her image, I love her style. 
  • 1: Kate Winslet, and Carey MulliganI never make a list like this without mentioning Kate Winslet. Not only is she my absolute favorite actress, she is also an inspiration when it comes to dressing for ones own body-type. She knows how to flatter her body so that every woman looking at her has to sigh and think “god, if only…”. She is glamorous, she is elegant, she is classy, she is talented, she is charming, she is a role model.
And then, I had to give the first place to another actress too. 
Look at her, isn’t she divine? There are no words… Oh well, actually there are some: darling, divine, beautiful, graceful, bambi, petite, talent, charm, girly, bewitching… I have used most of those words earlier in this list, but not all in one sentence, that says everything 🙂
KATE WINSLET and CAREY MULLIGAN are this years style icons! Hurra!
Now, I´m done…. Ill have to find another theme for a list now….
Any suggestions? 
Anyone you would add, or delete? Please, do tell me!

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